Events & sports coaching

Whether you are coaching local athletes or running a mass event Devon Aerial Media will give you that exclusive edge over your competitors.  Making sure your event is promoted and recorded in amazing 4K video and we can even live stream the action to the big screen.

As a coach of either a team, or individuals, you will probably appreciate the need for training sessions to be productive and encourage positive athletic development.  Improving the efficiency of the athlete, through technique and quality of performance will help produce those winning results. 
At Devon Aerial Media we can focus in on the athletes and players as they train or compete, giving you the opportunity to review and analyse their performance at your leisure. 
Using drone technology we can film your team from above to assess tactics, follow surfers, boats and windsurfers.  We can move alongside runners, cyclists, climbers and teams at eye level, or circle above motor sports and swimmers....everyone can be a winner with with Devon Aerial Media.

If you are looking at organising or stage an event, or already have an event organised, we can help you promote or record the big day.  Stunning aerial shots will capture the scale, excitement and atmosphere of the event from a unique and unusual angle. 
With the appropriate required permissions we can get in close to the action, capturing every crucial moment or fly high above the event ensuring the
excitement is recorded or transmitted live to the big screen. 

Even if your event is just in the early planning stage, why not get some remarkable and outstanding aerial footage to help promote your special event?  Make sure you are creating that special buzz around your event with Devon Aerial Media.