Social and leisure

From weddings to family holidays and proms to charity events, Devon Aerial Media can help make any occasion special and create everlasting memories. 

We can capture your beach holiday with both stills and video, record the excitement and ceremony as the cars draw up at the prom. 
Weddings have never looked so spectacular as we sweep past above the guests before panning out to take in the beautiful surroundings on your
special day.

Capture the buzz and reactions to your charity event, whether its running, a car rally, fancy dress, a summer fete or just a party, we can make sure you never forget your special day.

Events are captured in crystal clear and stunning 4K high definition video and then if required edited to give you the perfect memories or timeless gift.  Alternatively we can capture still and produce prints, canvases or a disc of that amazing day, there for you to look at and share at anytime and forever.