Educational & Environmental

Due to the unique and amazing perspective captured from above, Devon Aerial Media can help bring a greater understanding to the world around us, no matter who you are.

For those in education, imagine how much clearer studying the coast and regional environments could be, when pictured from above, local landscapes revealed, cliff sides viewed from the sea or a birds eye view of local structures.  These images could be used for geography projects, art and design assignments, construction courses or even a history project. 

With an ever changing environment around us, it is more important than ever that we are
pro-active in
monitoring the world around us and taking positive action to reflect our findings.  Drone technology can assist in making quick and cost effective assessments, without cause any environmental damage.

They can fly high over woodland, capture coastline erosion, help analyse crop data, video wildlife movement and photograph landscape changes.  The list is endless.

Drone usage will increase in years to come, this is your chance to embrace the new technology and do something that counts towards all our futures. 

Contact us to further discuss how we can help you, help make the future that you want.