Marketing & Advertising

No matter which aspect of marketing or adverting you are involved in, Devon Aerial Media will give you a flying start over your competition.  

Whether you are involved in hospitality, music, leisure, promotional videos, brochures, corporate entertainment, construction, education, real estate or commercial business.......the list is nearly endless.

Using our high tech drone, we can shoot your promotional video in crystal clear 4K high definition video, or take those unique photos for that special brochure, advertising campaign, website, for you or for your clients. 

The unique and remarkable footage that can be obtained through the  use of high tech drones is becoming increasingly popular as people realise how spectacular it is.  Because of this rise in popularity anyone working in marketing and advertising should be seriously considering building drone usage into their marketing strategy.  Not only to keep up with their competition in an increasingly imaginative market, but also to have the stunning footage on hand to enhance their campaign.  


Drone technology provides an exciting and imaginative future for the ever advancing world of marketing and advertising.  Opening up new possibilities as to how you reach out and grow your audience, capture the imagination of your clients.......can you and your business really afford not to contact Devon Aerial Media?