Safety first

Devon Aerial Media safety standards are the foundations on which we have built our reputation.  We take pride in ensuring that the laws set out by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) are fully adhered to, for the protection of the public, property, the environment and ourselves. 

All commercial drone operators in the UK are required to hold a current PfAW (permission for Aerial Work) permit issued only through the CAA.  To gain this permission pilots are required to undertake a comprehensive training programme as developed by the CAA.  Training includes theory exams, risk assessment training, technical knowledge tests, comprehensive aviation law knowledge, flight assessment test and a current and up to date operations manual.
All Devon Aerial Media pilots hold a current Pfaw certificate, valid first aid certificate, fire extinguisher training and Level 2 Health & Safety training.  
We welcome inspection of any related paperwork along with inspection of our Public Liability insurance documents.

In line with CAA guidelines detailed records are kept of flying hours and maintenance logs held.
Before undertaking any new assignment, we complete a site survey and risk assessment, ensuring the project is
achievable under the CAA guidelines.....with Devon Aerial Media you are in safe hands, so sit back and enjoy the flight.