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Sit back and relax, knowing that at Devon Aerial Media, we will provide you with a first rate, top flight service that you both expect and deserve.  Whether you need a building surveyed, a special occasion remembered, a sports event covered or an educational video produced, you are guaranteed a first class experience.  

Using only qualified and approved drone pilots, we will consult with you every step of the way, to ensure we capture the exact images and footage that you require.  This consultation will start with us looking at the practicalities of the project,  to ensure we operate within the CAA recommendations.

Friendly and informative staff will be on hand to answer questions and offer expert advise, helping you get the results you require from your projects.

Using a high tech drone that works on GPS and a number of electronic sensors for stability, we are able to capture high quality images and stunning 4K high definition video.  To complete the process, we can advise on, or complete the editing and production ensure you are completely satisfied with your experience with Devon Aerial Media from take off to touch down.

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Barnstaple / Devon / Tel & Text 07926 923165 / enquiries@devonam.co.uk

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As seen on BBC 1 and with photos featured in The Times, The Sun, The Mirror, The Daily Mail and the North Devon journal

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