Aerial building inspection

"In half an hour with a drone we can complete a property inspection that might normally take half a day to complete".


As Health & Safety policies and government regulations become ever more stringent and industry specific, the pressure for pro active compliance increases......and this usually comes at a price! 

Ongoing and updated legislation can be costly to you and your business in both financial terms and in physical man hours.  To ensure your company is fully compliant you may be required to re-asses and re-evaluate your present systems.  Undertake new projects, update current policies and make improvements or adjustments to the company PPM (Pre Planned Maintenance) schedule, all of which can be time consuming and costly.

At Devon Aerial Media we are able to offer a unique service,  which eliminates the need for ladders, scaffolding, harnesses, cherry pickers, lengthy risk assessments, teams of workers and that most precious commodity......time.  Using a high tech drone, we are able to access places that are traditionally difficult or dangerous to reach, such as roof tops or high rise structures, all without anyone taking a step off the ground and without any concerns around the HSE Working at Heights Policy.  

We do work for surveyors, property owners, councils and local authorities, developers, construction companies and private individuals.  Due to the versatility of the UAV's it is possible to photograph almost any structure or building. These can include high rise buildings, chimneys, industrial structures, unstable buildings, churches, listed buildings, turbines, solar panels, schools, colleges, theme parks and retail parks. The list  is almost endless.

To ensure that you get the images and information that you require we welcome you to stand with us and view the live data screen.  We capture 12 megapixel still images and crystal clear video shot in Ultra 4K HD directly onto an Ultra SD card.  The captured images and footage can then be electronically downloaded on the day of filming or, edited at our studios and forwarded to your organisation for your records and further assessment.  

The drone can fly  for approximately 20 minutes before a change of battery is required, this process takes less than a minute to complete before we are ready for take off again.
With a maximum height of 400ft (unless special permission is sort from the CAA) we are confident that Devon Aerial Media will be able to save you time, money, stress and most importantly, reduce the risk to your workforce.


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